Life Decisions

I have learned many things over the course of my journey. It is completely okay for me to make mistakes and to make not so good decisions. Life is full of opportunities to do things one way or another. My future is impacted by my today’s decision. Life is beautiful. I have had my fair share of not so good decisions. I would not change any one of those decisions. Those life changing decisions that I have made brought me here in this specific moment today. I used to say “if I never had joined the military I would not have most of the physical problems or emotional issues I have today.” I have stopped saying that. After my military service was complete it led me to a job where I met my wife. If I would not have joined the military I am certain I would not have met my wife, who is the mother of my beautiful daughter. If I would not have met my wife then I would not have these wonderful memories of my daughter. I would not have seen her grow up into a little girl or seen the smile on her face as she plays. I would not have had the opportunity to hear her distinct little voice calling me “daddy.” None of my memories of my family would have existed. I have a beautiful life, and the path I took to get here has been completely worth it. I can remember when my wife and I were taking road trips to the beach and on most of our days off we would run amok in Rancho Cucamonga. I think back to the wedding we had and how we planned it. To us our wedding was a huge success. Everything was phenomenal. I wouldn’t have these wonderful memories if I never joined the military. I realize that what I do in the now will impact my future self. I cannot say it to be bad or good, because no matter what, I will grow and learn from it. I choose to live a positive life with a positive mindset. I have learned that I must travel through a specific path to get to where I am supposed to be. I am supposed to be in this exact moment. This is where I want to be. This is my path. This is my story.

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