Musically KD

I have always had this love for Music. It has been this burning fire inside me since I was little. Music is important to me, because it allows me to express myself artistically. Along my journey I have met special people who have elevated me in my growth, not just spiritually, but as an all around human being. Many people have inspired me, but there are those who stand out on my mind. My music teacher, Kailee DeCarie, has been an inspiration to me. One of her many qualities that make her an amazing music professional is her ability to connect. Not only is she brilliant, she has this passion for music that emits this powerful energy. In my opinion this allows her to communicate effectively. It’s almost like she is connecting a USB cable to my brain and selecting sync. I love music and the practical application of it, but music theory is my favorite study. Kailee’s brilliance in music is inspiring. One thing that I quickly learned about having her as my teacher is I must leave my ego at the door. I have a tremendous amount of respect and trust for her as my teacher. I respect her knowledge and ability to teach me effectively. I trust that she will always give me her honest opinion in my musical practical application (singing) and opinion about my work. I don’t want to hear how “great I am”. I want to hear her expert opinion of how she perceives my work and ability to apply music theory. This is not a problem for her. She is always real with me, hence this is why I must leave my ego at the door. She has never “sugar coated” her opinions about my work on practical application. I respect her so much for this. This has made me a better musician and all around artist. One of my favorite lessons with Kailee was in the beginning. She would have me sing one of my favorite songs. After I would sing she would give me her critique. She said something to me that didn’t make sense at the moment, but a the lightbulb in my head turned on about a few days later. [Paraphrase] She told me there is already a “Steve” (favorite vocalist name) out there, people already heard him, and they want to hear your voice (Kailee DeCarie, 2017). When her specific lesson finally dawned on me, it has unlocked my ability to be who I am and truly express myself. It’s typical, she tells me something and I don’t comprehend what she’s saying in the moment, but it always comes to me later. She tends to tell me thought provoking statements and give me thought provoking lessons. It makes for my lessons to be much more exciting. Another favorite lesson that I had with her was one of my most recent lessons, about a month and a half or so ago. It was just prior to my release of “Have Faith” album. She has been a professional listening ear and an honest critic for my music. I was playing back a song I just wrote and recorded. She told me, [paraphrase] it’s okay to not hit every note perfectly. It shows people you are human, and it gives an authentic feel. People will relate to your music more. Those perfectly imperfect notes is who you are (Kailee DeCarie, 2018). This has stuck with me. Those lessons she taught me in music I have applied in my general life being. I subconsciously know these things, but to be conscious about life lessons and applying it to be uplifting. It is okay for me to be me and no one else. My imperfections just make me human, thus making me a perfect creation. Kailee DeCarie has been inspirational in my musical journey. Her lessons have had an intricate impact on me as a musician. He knowledge and ability to teach is an amazing quality she has as a music teacher. I thank her for being honest and pushing me forward as a musician.  


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