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I am writing about someone who has inspired me and helped guide me as I journey through life. This person is an amazing soul and spirit. Her spirit is free and powerful. Her beauty is like the sunrise over the ocean. She is the queen of my household. Yes, I am speaking of the one and only Lucy Luz. She has been by my side since 2008. When I first seen her I remember thinking “wow, she beautiful!” I was instantly attracted. This attraction is deeper than a physical attraction. She has this energy about her that is fierce and powerful. She naturally roams this Earth freely and her spirit cannot be contained. Here is a quick overview of how I was able to gain her attention and to be blessed with her by my side; I never had the nerve to speak to her, because of course she was surrounded by mainly alpha male type guys beating on their chest. So talking to her was almost impossible, so it seems. I am sure the alpha male type guys were mostly that came around her to peacock, so guys like me just took the back seat. Maybe that’s how I drew her attention. I remember seeing her and her beauty dazed me, but it was more than her beauty that left me breathless. It was her fierceness. She has this powerful energy that she emits. She is electric. Lucy Luz has been an amazing support system for me. She was there for me when I was at my lowest. When I say she is powerful, I say it wholeheartedly. She carried my weight when I couldn’t. She still managed to keep herself and our household together. I put a strain on her and I am sure I still somewhat do, because I have tendencies that are more than likely annoying. That’s okay though she loves me for who I am. Her strength and inner being that glows ever so brightly can light up the darkest night. She has been my light on many occasions. It’s not easy to manage a whole household and still keep yourself together, but she does it. When I was at my lowest I was an emotional zombie. I was there physically, but my mind wasn’t. For a long time I was lost in the abyss of my mind, drowned in my own thoughts. As hate consumed me and I was drowning, she still jumped in the water to rescue me. It was a long swim to the top, but she still pulled me out. Lucy Luz has an amazing spirit. Her spirit roams free and cannot be contained. She is lawless, she is a rude girl. She follows no laws, but her own. I love this about her. Her confidence allows her to be a powerful being. She is mystical and brave. She is my Empress. I am blessed to journey with her. I am blessed to be in her presence. She is an amazing person. She is just as beautiful as she is intelligent. She is the queen of my household.

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