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Positive Mind

I received a new chance at life. It’s a new beginning for me. I am overwhelmed with pure happiness to continue to walk this Earth. I want to spread positivity in every way and every chance I get. My mind is positive In my last blog I wrote about how music has impacted me in my journey to my higher-self. Music has helped shape me to who I am today. I am continuing my growth. Music has been an important factor in my journey, which helped lead me to a positive mind. Ultimately, I had to make the decision to change. I had to be ready for change. As I continued on my path, my thinking process began to change. It was the positive light that I was receiving through music. I wanted more and I was ready for more. I wanted to take that next step to my higher-self. I began to change the way I speak. I would consciously use uplifting words versus words that suggested negativity. For example, instead of saying the word “understand” I would substitute the word “under” for “over” turning the word to “overstand”. I would avoid words such as “hello” because of the word “hell” in it. I did not want to say those words to anyone or any sort of like-word. I know this seems odd and a bit overboard, but it helped me. Consciously speaking has truly helped me speak in a more positive manner and has helped re-wire my brain. I still practice this. The more I spoke consciously the easier it became. I feel good speaking in this manner. I do my best to not use swear words when I speak. I most certainly do not use swear words in my music. I do not oppose or judge anyone for using swear words. Consciously speaking has elevated me to the next rung of my higher-self. This feeling of fullness is phenomenal. As I journey through life I have taught myself to use my mind to make me happy versus relying on material things. Like I stated in my recent blogs, I used to turn to unhealthy foods for comfort. I used to rely on other people to make me happy. My happiness is within me and no one else. I decided that I am going to be happy. As the days went on, the smile on my face has became a part of me and a part of my daily wear. Even when I did not feel like smiling, I would smile. It just felt good. I was emitting positivity. My life became positive. Life has became a blessing. Life is a blessing.