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I am living in the moment. As I continue to grow as a spiritual being I have been having this overwhelming feeling of pure happiness. It is as though I can live outside of my flesh and see clearly which path to take from a vantage point. Its truly an amazing feeling. I begin to question how powerful is my mind really. I wonder what else I can accomplish. Is what I have been taught as a linear being the truth of a physical being or is there more. I think there is more. I have unlocked my mind freeing from myself from my own prison. I ponder if I can unlock my physical being as well. I remember specific events in my life that can be classified as “miracles”. I want to dissect a miracle for a second. It seems that the word “miracle” is used to define an event that is seemingly not possible in the physical world. Thus, it may be an act of a higher being. I enjoy reading the Bible, Kebra Negast, and other religious/spiritual books. I believe there is truth in these books and I believe there are instances written in it to guide me. The Bible has been interpreted by scholars, priests, and people in general. The interpretation is up to how the person views it and there is nothing wrong with it. I am not one to judge how a person interprets their readings. I want to examine these wondrous books of spiritual guidance I read in the Bible that Adam and Eve were created in the image of God and after their own likeness (Genesis 1: verses 26-27 - I am using the word “their” because the Bible used the word “our” in the KJV). I interpret this as I was created resembling God’s appearance and I have the capabilities that are like God’s. So when Adam and Eve ate form the Tree of Life their minds were unlocked and they realized they were naked (KJV Genesis 3: verse 7). For me this is powerful; Adam and Eve became aware and awakened. If I was created after God’s likeness, then my mind is key to unlocking the unknown capabilities of physical beings in reference to time and space. I remember a specific event when I was younger. My Dad ([High Five] shout out Dad! I love you!) was driving his 1990s (I don’t know the exact year) Nissan Pathfinder on the freeway with my mom in the passenger seat, and me and my brother were in the back seat. He drove over some black ice and the car went spinning; Its was scary. My dad was in the military so he was trained and skilled with reacting in high-risks events. I do not remember the specifics of how many times we were spinning, but I recall it being a scary moment for all of us. I begin to ponder this moment. At that moment in time in my dad’s Nissan Pathfinder, did our energy and frequencies align? Did we move our being to a parallel side? Were we in the same time but different place? Even when I was in the military overseas, when the opposing group would rain mortar rounds at us, how did I escape that? It makes me think, did my spiritual being come forth and I was able to subconsciously occupy the same space and time, but in another realm. This makes me excited. How powerful is my mind? I can feel the emotional pain of another, so when I come across this I focus positive energy to that person. I have been told that people can feel the positive energy that I emit. I am sure most of the time it is meant in a non-literal sense, because of social disbeliefs of what is real and not; what is possible and what is not possible. I believe I am an extraordinary being. I believe in all of you. I believe that we all possess the capabilities to do the impossible. I want to unlock my full potential power.