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The Separation

Writing these blogs everyday has been the release of the residual old me. Writing has been medicine for my spirit. I am on this path to my higher-self and writing has helped me take another step closer. Separating the old me from this me, who I am today, has been a bit of a challenge. It’s like going through my closet and not getting rid of old clothes, because of a sedimental attachment. I would go through my closet to make room for new clothes, but I instantly have specific memories (good and bad) associated with specific clothes. I want to rid of the torn clothes, because it’s like holding on to a negative emotion or thought, and burying it back in my closet. On the other hand I would see the clothes that I associate something positive with. Do I keep those? It’s challenging, because some of those clothes that I associate a positive event with still has reminiscence of the time frame that was difficult for me. I made the decision that I will start fresh and start a new wardrobe. But before I simply trash my old wardrobe, I feel it was important that I go through, inspect, and value every piece of clothing. I basically reinvented who I was and it has been exciting. I could be who ever I wanted to be. I could do the things that I thought were impossible, like writing this blog. If someone told me a few years ago that I would own my own blog I would probably be in disbelief. The thought of opening up and being vulnerable is frightening, however here I am. This new me feels hopeful at a new chance at life. It’s like waking up in the morning to the sun peaking through the blinds kissing my face. It’s an incredible feeling. I made a conscious decision to move forward and not look back. This has helped me on my spiritual path. I have forgiven myself and once I done that I was able to love who I was and who I am. If it wasn’t for the old me, the new me wouldn’t be here.   

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