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The Lens of Many

A valuable lesson that I have learned is every person interprets things differently. My interpretation of an incident will differ from someone else’s. Although Interpretations may be similar, it will not be exactly the same. A person’s experience and journey in life may dictate how he or she interprets an incident.  

I was speaking with a close friend of mine and we were discussing the topic of differences in people’s interpretation. He made statement in reference to communicating effectively with other people. He stated “...I realized most people don’t see the world through the same lens.” His statement stuck in my mind. A part of my struggles as a young man was not taking this statement to be true. I subconsciously had the mentality that my truth is the real truth. I failed to listen or acknowledge someone else’s truth. I could have saved myself from destroying relationships if I would have been more comprehensive to other’s idea of truth. Effective communication along with respecting another person’s truth is important in establishing healthy human relationships. As a young man I picked up the habit to believe that I was always right. I believed that my unreal accolades gave me the upper hand to be right 100% of the time. Accepting I was wrong was not in my mental capabilities. I had the mentality that I would not let anyone put me down or prove me wrong. Although, this type of thinking could be beneficial in some cases, my thought process was unhealthy. I hid behind my unreal accolades to seem more powerful then the next person. So aggressively arguing my truth when it was challenged was a typical behavior for me. I was wrong for this. Growing into the man I am today I realize that human beings, generally want to be heard and accepted. I do not always have to agree with someone’s version of the truth, but I should at least listen wholeheartedly and attempt to overstand. Each person is unique in his or her own way, thus interpreting things differently. A person’s path and upbringing helps shapes what his or her perspective may be. A person’s view on the world is not the same as mine, because my lens are different. Different is what keeps us from being stagnant and able to grow to our higher-self. We can learn from one another if we listen.