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A Step Closer

In my blog(s) and in my music’s lyrics I mention “higher-self” quite a bit. I have been asked what that means and I wanted to give a little insight to the meaning. The meaning higher-self may be and can be different to each person as every person interprets things differently. Each person has his or her own story leading to a diverse path in life. I can only speak on what higher-self means to me. In my song’s lyrics “Kings and Queens” in the bridge portion, just before the chorus, I sing “...come to thine higher-self”. My higher-self is in reference to my spiritual being. My life evolves around my spirituality and I truly believe I have the ability to emit positive energy into the world and people around me. I believe as human beings, our minds are powerful and have the ability to connect with one another on a much more higher scale than just the physical touch. I am constantly searching for an opportunity to grow as a person, or in other terms, elevate to my higher-self. It started with my decision to change my life and go into the opposite direction I was going. Going in different life path was exciting and new for me. I met people who I normally wouldn’t have associated with, because of the new path I was on. I have met some amazing people full of wisdom and having the highest discipline of self control. One change that allowed me to elevate to my higher-self is becoming vegan. There is some confusion between the words vegan, plant-based, and vegetarians. I won’t get into the specifics, but to explain it quickly, being vegan is the conscious decision to consume no animal products and recognize that animal cruelty is not okay (in regards to slaughterhouses and chicken coops to hold animals for food processing). It’s more to it, but if it’s something you would like to talk about you can contact me through email and we can discuss it. I chose to become vegan as another step towards my higher-self. It is my personal journey and would never judge anyone else who is not vegan. Choosing to love the vegan lifestyle is a personal choice. I caused enough pain in this world and enough pain to other people. I don’t want to be a part of causing pain to others or to animals. Being vegan allows me to consciously care for people and animals. That conscious living turned into a regularly practiced event, which elevated to caring about more things. It’s has just been a domino effect of goodness for me. The conscious living of being vegan has taught me love and compassion for all life forms. Please don’t confuse what I am saying as truth or an overbearing strategy to get you to become vegan. Being vegan is my way of elevating to my higher-self. It’s a stepping stone for me. Yes, I would love for more people to become vegan, because this path to my higher-self has been amazing. However, as I stated before, everyone’s path is different. I can only show you and tell you how being vegan has benefitted and positively impacted my life. Being vegan is spiritual for me and keeps me focused. I am always in search of ways to elevate to my higher-self. Being vegan is step closer to raise my spiritual being. I hope to continue to grow spiritually and evolve as a human being.