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Path to My Higher-Self

When I was little my mom and dad bought my brother and I musical instruments. My brother had his first guitar and I had my first keyboard. I immediately fell in love with music. Unbeknownst to me having the keyboard would have an impact in my current adult life. As a kid, I remember making up songs and playing it on the keyboard. I wouldn’t know the chords I was playing, so I played what I thought music was supposed to sound like. In school I was in choir and I remember how much I enjoyed to sing. I enjoyed singing just as much as I do now. Beside playing the keyboard, singing was another way for me to releases stress and a positive way for me to express myself. At a young age I realized my voice is an instrument and it is readily available. I would sing songs played on the radio, to artist like Exposé, Bob Marley, Ace of Bass, UB40, Stone Temple Pilots, etc. I was living in Washington State at the time so I think the radio station was called “CUBE 93.3”; I could be wrong though. As a kid, I endured “kid problems” from bullying to social acceptance. I wanted to be with the “in” crowd. So overtime, I stopped playing music, however music never left my heart though. When I received my first musical instrument, I was so pure and innocent. The world had not negatively influenced me yet; I was perfectly imperfect and innocent. Naturally I grew into a teenager and then I grew into a young man. As a young adult, I made decisions that I thought were necessary for me. I am not going to say whether it was bad or not, but if I hadn’t had those “life experiences” I wouldn’t be the man I am today. Those “life experiences” are for another blog, so stay tuned. I am almost unrecognizable from who I was a few years ago to who I am today. I finally “woke up”. I had to strip myself, destroy who I was and rebuild myself. I was on a path of self-destruction. I was absent, lost in internal pain and lost from the constant mental prison, disorientated in my deepest and darkest thoughts. I did not like this man that I had became, I was full of hate and anger. I was gone... I had to change, but I didn’t know how. I was tired and drained emotionally from the constant internal frustration of [metaphoric] pain. I needed to change, I had to change before I was fully consumed of hate. So I did, I changed. I looked to music; I remembered the innocents I had being that little kid. I needed to go there and find that person. It took some time, but I found him. I am him, I am alive. Slowly, I began to change, I followed my heart instead of the crowd. The crowd can only take me as far as the crowd will go, however on my own path I can go as far as I will allow myself. So I did, I followed my own path. Here I am today, I held on to my faith and meditated. I journeyed to my higher-self taking one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, but I am here; alive and well. Most importantly I am happy, free from my own self-destruction. I couldn’t have done this alone, my wife (you know her as “Lucy Luz”) has been an amazing support system. She has been my encouragement and pushed me to my limits and beyond it. I never thought that I would have published music on major platforms. I never believed in myself to run a small business. With one foot in front of the other and a positive support system, I am moving forward. I am continuing my journey to my higher-self. Music is my key, it’s my path to my higher-self. It is my release, my innocence. Music has saved me.