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Earn the title ATHLETE! Be a direct representation and example of what it takes to be a Rooted Kingdom Athlete. Motivate and inspire our community and others while sharing your passion for fitness. Are you ready for the challenge? 


Not only will members EARN the title ATHLETE, but they may earn merchandise, apparel, and training sessions added to their fitness plan. There are two options (Option 1 and Option 2) of obtaining the title Rooted Kingdom ATHLETE:


  1. The Athlete Program OPTION 1 is designed to teach mental toughness, discipline, and responsibility to registered participants. This is not an easy program and will challenge the participant in every aspect of mind, body, and spirit.  

  2. The Athlete Program OPTION 2 are for individuals who are current athletes in a competitive sport or who participate in a nationally recognized bodybuilding organization (amateur or professional). 

Register for the Athlete Program

Members must register in order to be considered for the Athlete Program.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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