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Our Story

Rooted Kingdom Music

Rooted Kingdom is an independent record label and music production company. It was established in March 26th of 2018 by Herman Hildo. Herman and his wife, Lucy Luz, own and operate their music company. Here is more of their story:

Herman Hildo (Haluhalo)

Herman has always been in music in some way. As a child he played guitar and piano. He was in school choir, where he developed his singing voice. After high school, Herman joined the military, along with his brother, Jun Jun. The brothers were best friends and close in age - a year a part. While the brothers served in the military they both were sent overseas to war. Herman's brother, Jun Jun, lost his life from the acts of war during his term overseas. He was Killed-In-Action on November 24, 2004. After Herman received the news of his brother, after his second term overseas in war, he was honorably discharged from the military.


Soon after, Herman fell into a depression and suffered from anxiety. He would not return to music as his depression would be overwhelming. Herman would continue his battle with depression and anxiety. His wife, Lucy, would remain by his side and help guide him in his battle. As the years went on Herman slowly changed his life around and fight against his depression. He focuses on family and music. 

Lucy Luz

Lucy Luz oversees the music company's operation and administration. Her occupational background is in finance and management. She makes the company run smoothly and ensures Herman is doing his job. She basically keeps him in check.

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