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In-Person & 
Live Stream

Fitness & Nutrition

  • 1-on-1 Fitness

  • Private Yoga Instruction

  • Group Fitness

  • Specialized Fitness Training

  • Online Training

  • Nutrition Coaching


In-Person 1-on-1 Fitness

  • In-person 1-on-1 training 

  • Personalized workout and fitness planning

  • Exciting music for your workout

  • Inspiration and motivation through coaching techniques


Virtual 1-on-1 Fitness

  • Virtual 1-on-1 training live stream though ZOOM

  • Personalized workout and fitness planning

  • Exciting music for your workout

  • Inspiration and motivation through coaching techniques

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Specialized Fitness

  • Sports performance training

  • Bodybuilding

  • Corrective Exercise & Recovery 


Yoga Fitness

  • Private Yoga Instruction

  • Vinyasa-style sequences

  • Meditation and Restore Yoga 

Coach Herman Group Fitness Instructor

Group Fitness

  • Circuit training

  • IN-PERSON small group fitness class

  • Exiting music

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Nutrition Coaching

  • Virtual 1-on-1 coaching live stream through ZOOM or;

  • In-person 1-on-1 coaching

  • Learn food nutrition

  • Develop healthy habits

  • Full support from RK coaches

Resting After Workout

Online Fitness

  • PERSONALIZED workout program(s)

  1. Goal-orientated and specifically created for you

  2. Designed with respect to your time and schedule

  3. Step-by-step instructions with Coach's notes

  • PRE-DESIGNED workout programs(s)​

  1. Paid and FREE programs available​

  2. Goal-orientated

  3. Step-by-step instructions with Coach's notes

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Fitness Plans

  • RK Premium - 12 sessions, discounted pricing

  • Virtual Fit - 12 sessions; 4 nutrition coaching, discounted pricing

  • RK Elite - Train up to 5 times a week; unlimited nutrition coaching; discounted pricing

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90-Day Transformation

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Fitness Trainer Herman

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About Herman

Your fitness journey awaits you!!

Hi! My name is Herman and I am a fitness trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and fitness instructor. I am NASM certified as a personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, performance enhancement specialist, and AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor. I specialize in sports performance enhancement, weight loss, and muscle growth. I used to weigh over 250 lbs, but I needed to change my life to be more healthier, so I began my fitness journey. Now I want to share my passion for fitness with you! 

How does it all work? FAQ

Decide if you want to purchase single sessions or a pricing plan (You save more $$$ by choosing a pricing plan)

  • Why is there a price difference from single sessions and pricing plans?

- Single sessions do not expire and can be redeemed at anytime with respect to our booking and scheduling procedures. Pricing plans are subscription-based and sessions must be redeemed within the billing cycle.​

  • Why are some training sessions different in pricing?

- General fitness training is perfect for everyone, but some people require specific training, whether it be for sports or to correct muscle imbalance. Coach Herman specializes in different disciplines of fitness, such as sports performance and yoga.

  • Should I choose single sessions or a pricing plan? Which one is better for me?

- Depends on your daily lifestyle, your schedule, goals, and what you want out of training; 

- If you have a busy lifestyle and your schedule is sporadic, but you still want to work out and learn about fitness, then we suggest purchasing single sessions and redeem it anytime you're available. 

- If you have a steady schedule and want to workout consistently on a scheduled-basis then we suggest choosing a pricing plan.

  • What if I just want a workout program?

- No problem! We can do that too. Simply purchase a 'Workout Program' or go to our "Online Fitnesspage under the Fitness Training tab and choose one of our programs. You can purchase as many as you want. For example: if you want a program to increase your upper body muscles we can write you a program specific to your goals.

  • I'm serious about working out and I have a specific goal. Do you have anything for me?

- Absolutely! "RK Elite' is the plan for you. It is a 90-Day program specific for your fitness goals, whether you want to lose weight generally or specifically. Train for an important event such as a wedding, increase muscle size, or body composition. Train to enhance your physical performance for a specific event, such as increasing your explosive strength, or increase your endurance for a marathon.​ 

  • If I purchase a pricing plan can I add-on single sessions?

- Yup! You can add-on sessions to your plan by purchasing single sessions.

  • How do I schedule and book my sessions?

Booking and scheduling is handled through our Admin office. Lucy Fracker will always be in contact with you weekly to schedule your sessions. You can always text or call her for any questions about your session, billing, your account, and scheduling.

  • What is virtual training?

Virtual training simply means to live stream workouts through the use of telecommunication technology such as Zoom. We can workout and train together in real time no matter where your location is. It's a great tool to stay connected and stay fit together.

  • Do I need any exercise equipment for any Zoom fitness training?